Tornado Damage and What to Do

With the storms that came through Sunday morning, there is a lot of damage in Benton County and especially in Rogers. Many of our employees are dealing with the aftermath but will be working hard to make sure our customers are taken care of as quickly as possible. Power and internet has been restored to our shop so we are able to resume somewhat normal office operations.

Here’s what we will be able to do and not do.
1. We will be dealing primarily with emergency calls only. If you are looking for information on parts or a home warranty, we may not be able to help you today.
2. We have someone handling calls and dispatching in Tulsa to try to give the best possible service to you.
3. We are going to try to keep our schedule as best as possible. Technicians will be calling ahead to make sure you have electricity prior to coming. If you don’t we get back to you when you have power restored.
4. Keep in mind that many of our people do not have power at their own homes. What may seem like an inconvenience to you (not having air conditioning) is extremely minor to what many of us are dealing with.

If you are in a storm damage area, here’s some things you need to know and look for.
1. Even if you don’t have trees down, you need to look closely at your home.
2. Look for debris in your air conditioner that may be blocking fans or in coils.
3. While it’s warm weather, your heating system may have damage. If you have gas heat, flue vents may be damaged on the roof or even in the attic. The movement from the wind can break it loose where you may not be able to see it.
4. Water damage. Equipment or duct in your attic may have water damage if you have any roof damage.

We will assist you with insurance claims for damage to your cooling/heating system and duct work.
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