Getting Your Home Summer-Ready: A Comprehensive Guide

As the temperature begins to rise and the days get longer, it’s time to prepare your home for the summer months ahead. From ensuring energy efficiency to tackling general maintenance tasks, reducing the likelihood of emergency repairs, and even sprucing up your lawn, there’s a lot to consider. At NWA Cooling & Heating, we understand the importance of a comfortable and well-maintained home during the sweltering summer heat. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get your home ready for the season:

1. Energy Efficiency:

  • Check Your Insulation: Proper insulation helps keep your home cool by preventing hot air from entering and cool air from escaping. Inspect your attic, walls, and floors for any gaps or signs of wear in the insulation.
  • Seal Air Leaks: Caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows to prevent warm air from seeping in. This simple step can significantly reduce your cooling costs.
  • Upgrade Your Thermostat: Consider investing in a programmable or smart thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature settings based on your schedule. This can help optimize energy usage and save you money on your utility bills.

2. General Maintenance:

  • Service Your HVAC System: Schedule a professional maintenance service for your air conditioning system to ensure it’s running efficiently. This can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of your unit.
  • Clean Air Filters: Dirty air filters restrict airflow, making your HVAC system work harder to cool your home. Replace or clean filters regularly to maintain optimal performance.
  • Inspect Ductwork: Leaky or poorly insulated ducts can waste energy and reduce indoor air quality. Have your ductwork inspected and repaired if necessary to improve efficiency.

3. Reducing Emergency Repairs:

  • Inspect Plumbing: Check for leaks in your plumbing system, especially in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Addressing small leaks promptly can prevent water damage and costly repairs down the line.
  • Test Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Ensure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are in working condition by testing them regularly. Replace batteries as needed to keep your family safe.

4. Lawn Care:

  • Mow Regularly: Keep your lawn well-maintained by mowing it regularly to prevent overgrowth. Adjust the mower blade to the appropriate height for the type of grass in your lawn.
  • Water Wisely: Water your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce evaporation. Consider installing a programmable sprinkler system to ensure efficient watering.
  • Trim Trees and Shrubs: Trim overhanging branches and shrubs near your outdoor HVAC unit to ensure proper airflow. This can improve efficiency and prevent potential damage to the unit.

Preparing your home for summer may seem like a daunting task, but taking proactive steps can help you stay comfortable and save money in the long run. Whether it’s ensuring energy efficiency, tackling general maintenance tasks, reducing the likelihood of emergency repairs, or sprucing up your lawn, NWA Cooling & Heating is here to help. For professional air conditioning service and maintenance, call us at (479) 579-8728. Stay cool and enjoy the summer months ahead!

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