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Residential Products

NWA Cooling & Heating has chosen to offer some of the best products in our industry.  We provide high quality service and installation and demand that our partners offer high quality products.

We offer Champion, Carrier, Rheem and Samsung HVAC Products.

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners range from 14.3 SEER2 up to well over 18 SEER2.  The higher the number, the less it will cost to operate.  Air conditioners come in 3 primary types as follows:

  • Single Stage – These are going to be typical of a 14.3 SEER2 system.  The compressor only has 1 stage/speed.  When on, they operate at 100% capacity.
  • Two Stage – These compressors have 2 stages.  1st stage is partial capacity and 2nd stage is 100% capacity.  The staging is usually controlled by your thermostat or timing.  During mild weather, the 1st stage is often all you need and part load efficiency is a little more than the rated full load efficiency.  They do run longer than a single stage system.  The benefit of a longer run time is less wear and tear on the equipment and stable indoor temperatures and humidity.
  • Variable or Modulating – These systems have inverter driven compressors that are capable of variable speeds.  Some are operated in 5 stages and others may have over 50.  The stage control is determined by the control logic within the system circuitry.  They operate to maximize comfort and utility savings.  They do have longer run times but part load efficiencies can be double the rated full load efficiency.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps for our region will be 15 SEER2 and go to over 18 SEER2 like air conditioners.  They also come in single or two stage as well as variable/modulating.  So what makes a heat pump different?  Air conditioners and heat pumps simply move heat from one location to another.  During the cooling cycle, heat is removed from your home and discharged outside.  In heating mode, heat is taken from outside and moved inside your home.

But there’s not much heat when it 0F outside…  While it may feel cold to us, there is still a substantial amount of heat in the air.  Modern heat pumps are capable of providing a reasonable amount of heat to -10F.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are available in both standard (80%) and high (90%+) efficient models.  They are also available with single and 2 stage gas operation.

Package Units

Package units have both the cooling and heating all contained within one cabinet.  They are available in gas heat, heat pump and dual fuel models.


We install single and multi-head models.