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NWA Cooling & Heating
Work begins at European Wax Center in Fayetteville Arkansas. This job will consist of re-using an existing split system and adding a multi-head mini split system. This will give individual control of each of the treatment rooms. This is the best of both by maximizing efficiency and comfort.

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NWA Cooling & Heating
NWA Cooling & Heating
December 31, 2019 was an important day for our industry and it may have an impact on you.

That was the last day of production for R-22 refrigerant. That’s what was used in air conditioning application for decades and there are still many systems in place using it. If you have a system that was made before 2013, there is a possibility that it uses R-22. No fear though. There are stockpiles of it that will last for many years to come. It can also be recycled and used again.

So here’s what you need to know.

1. You don’t have to replace your system. It can be easily converted to an alternative refrigerant such as R-407c or R-422D.

2. The price of all refrigerants can be volatile. R-22 prices may fluctuate more than usual due to fear and market speculation. If they do, it will most likely be temporary.

3. Our industry is well prepared. We knew this day was coming for over 20 years. The first air conditioning systems with R-410a went into production in 1992.

4. Don’t get swindled by someone telling you it is no longer available. It is available or an alternative can be used. It’s not “illegal” for them to add it or keep the system operational.

5. There is no requirement for leaks to be repaired in residential applications. We recommend they be repaired but you are not violating the law if you don’t.

6. Our new refrigerant (R-410a) May also be phased out soon. Manufacturers are already testing equipment with new refrigerants.

7. Some of our potential new refrigerants May be flammable. You may already have a refrigerator in your home using one. Many household refrigerators use R-600. More commonly know as butane. Others may use R-290. You know it as propane.

8. Refrigerants are not magical substances. They are simply chemical compounds that easily absorb and release heat.

9. There are currently over 500 substances designated as refrigerants.

10. R-718 is water and R-784 may be hazardous to Superman (Krypton).
NWA Cooling & Heating
NWA Cooling & Heating
Merry Christmas!
NWA Cooling & Heating
The Story of GLAS
The Clearly Smart Thermostat Discover what’s behind GLAS at
NWA Cooling & Heating
NWA Cooling & Heating
York heat pumps being installed in a new Bella Vista home.

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